All around us, every day, science is happening.  

Right now, someone is announcing a new insight or a new discovery that could have a huge impact on all of us. Guaranteed.

But most of us don't read scientific journals or attend scientific conferences. So we do not hear about such discoveries. The news doesn't always make it onto TV or into newspapers. Often, even finding it on the Internet is hard. And it's presented for the benefit of other scientists, not students in middle and high school.

The mission of  What A Year! is to bring you great news in biomedical research in a way that you can appreciate and understand.

Each month we'll put a new story here. What kind? Something that opens a whole new window on human or animal life. Or, something that might, after more research and development, lead to a cure for an illness, or a new way to treat a medical condition.

To make it into What A Year! the research will be recent and it will be fascinating.

Science is done by all kinds of people who share these traits: they are curious and analytical, they are willing to challenge “accepted wisdom”, they are energized by the hunt for new knowledge. What A Year! will also try to bring you a little info about them.

And for teachers, we have created a concise teacher's guide that has some suggestions about using What A Year! in class.

It's going to be a great year. Enjoy!


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