Educational Resources  

This is just a sampling of the vast amount of educational material on the Internet about biomedical research.

Careers in Health and Health Research
Becoming a Scientist: Learn What it Takes - from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Career Opportunities for Animal Science Majors
Career RAP - Laboratory Animal Technicians
Careers in Biotechnology
Educational and Research Experiences - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
A Guide to Summer Research Opportunities
Meet a Laboratory Animal Technologist
Research and Training Opportunities at NIH
Unusual Careers Working with Animals
Veterinary Career Resources
Veterinary Technology Programs Listing
Why a Career in Animal Science?
Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists

Drug Development
Contributions to New Medicine from Government-funded Basic Research
From Plants to Drugs - slide show
From Test Tube to Patient: New Drug Development in the United States
New Drug Development and the FDA Approval Process
Pharmaceutical Drug Development
Unerstanding the Approval Process for New Cancer Treatments

General Life Science
Access Excellence
Altruis Biomedical Network
Association of College and University Biology Educators
Beyond Discovery - The Path from Research to Human Benefit
The Biology Project
Biomedical Search
Cell Biology Animation
Cool Science for Curious Kids - from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
DHHS Kids Pages
Doctor over Time
The Educator's Reference Desk - Science (formerly AskERIC)
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
Evolution 101
Good Cells Gone Bad - Cancer Process Curriculum (Grades 4-12)

Great Science Discoveries of the 1990s
The Heart - An Online Exploration
HHMI's Ask-a-Scientist
History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Infection, Detection, Protection
Nobel Foundation
Office of Science Education-NIH
Science Fair Resource Center
Science Tracer Bullets - topical bibliographies in science
The Scientific Journey
The Tree of Life Project
The Ultimate Science Fair Resource
Virology Glossary
The Virtual Cell Tour
Virtual Hospital Tour
Virtual Library of Medicine
Virtual Library of Veterinary Medicine
The Why? Files

Genetic Technology
123 Genomics
The DNAFiles
Genes and Diseases
Genetic Science Learning Center
Genetics-Cloning News from the New York Times
Pieces of Science: The Clone Zone
Stem Cell Information Center - National Institutes of Health
Virtual Library of Genetics

Human Genome Project
The Human Genome - Science Magazine special issue
Human Genome Project Information - Dept. of Energy
Potential Benefits of Human Genome Project Research

Neuroscience/Brain Research
Brain Awareness Week Information
The Brain Connection
The Human Brain: A Learning Tool
Neuroscience for Kids
Interactive Brain Map

Research News
Research Matters - Harvard University
Science News - from the Biotechnolgy Industry Organization

Science Education
BioEd On-Line
National Association of Biology Teachers
Science Teachers Resource Center
SciLinks (through NSTA)
The National Health Museum — Access Excellence
The Science National Honor Society

Toxicology & Product Safety
Basic Toxicology Labs
Canadian Network of Toxicology Centres
Chemicals and Human Health
Children's Health and the Environment
Environmental Diseases from A to Z
Health and Safety Information on Household Products
NIEHS Kids Links
Product Safety Q&A
Toxicology Problem Set




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